One day last fall, I climbed the stairs in my house, preoccupied by an item I needed to fetch from upstairs. Without warning, a sharp, searing pain stabbed through my left thigh. I grabbed my spasming thigh muscle as my leg went limp and I fell backwards down the stairs. It isn’t like they show it in the movies. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to yell. I made a noise like a hiss as I sucked in my breath, and when I hit the floor at the base of the stairs, I wasn’t sure what hurt more – my pride, my thigh, or all the places I’d landed on.

At the doctor’s the next day, three specialists poked and prodded me, There was talk of X-rays and CAT scans and of increasingly restricted mobility. The diagnosis was chilling – radiculopathy. Preexisting issues in my spine were causing vertebrae to crush nerves running all the way down my leg. The constriction causes pain, muscular spasms, numbness, and loss of limb control. My doctor prescribed Valium, which made me too exhausted to move, and fear of falling made me reluctant to do so. At 46, I felt like an old woman. When my young son gave me a cane he’d made me, I wanted to cry.

Next, I consulted with Dr. Cynthia Hummel who understood the problem before I’d even finished describing it. I’d already observed the specialists consulting her charts and discussing her professionalism and expertise with respect. Where their strategy was in medicating symptoms, hers was a more active one, addressing the root cause of the problem – the spinal misalignment. After the first visit, the sharp pain in my leg, which had lingered for months, was gone. At the second visit, the weakness also disappeared. I don’t fear falling anymore, and as grateful as I am to my son for his kindness, the cane is gathering dust in a corner.

No medical modality is a magic button, but with exercise, sensible diet and consistent maintenance, conditions like mine that threaten to narrow the scope of the vistas of our lives can be managed. I would – and do – recommend Dr. Hummel to anyone seeking thoughtful advice and care!

– Lisa M.

Very competent. Kind and strong. I feel that I can trust his work and professionalism.

– Phyllis E.

I’ve had the pleasure of being seen by both doctors and have had great experiences each time! Their staff is extremely flexible with appointment times and changes and are very friendly, as well!

– Jaime M.

The best chiropractors around! My whole family goes to them regularly. They even helped my young son when he was an infant. Highly recommend them. Everyone is friendly and genuinely care.

– Heather E.

Several from our family go here. We really appreciate their caring service!

– Rebecca F.

Very good. Friendly service and excellent care from the chiropractors.

– Corbin H.

Excellent service!!

– Jennifer F.

I contacted Tipp City Chiropractic for Sciatica pain that I was experiencing in my lower back, hip, and calf region. Standing for more than a few minutes would result in a burning sensation that would start from the hip down to my calf muscle. The adjustments and treatments over the course of 3 weeks have resulted in a 95% success in relieving the pain. I can now stand without pain. Thanks Dr. Hummel for getting my mobility back to normal. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to family and friends!

– Steve H.